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Our Mission & Vision

Policies do not exist in isolation, we coexist with them. We influence them, impact them and hold the power for a change. Encounters with policy-related challenges are intrinsic to our everyday lives and can be at your work front, with your education curriculum or the healthcare you receive. We are an organisation of young policy enthusiasts, bringing forth the challenges of current times simply and lucidly.

We aim to create healthy dialogue and engagement over policies from tech to health, we cover it all. We believe in the coming times, our generation demands more than traditional sources of information- for this, we provide content that aims to upskill and create an aware community of citizens. We do not aim to make you smart but create aware citizens, employees and organisations.

We write and upskill our readers with the right information and connect them to the right sources.

In this endeavour, we reach out to people from different sectors, disciplines and schools of thought- to share facts and data to gain their opinion and perspective. We aim to create engagement and dialogue over events that matter, and why they matter.

How do we do that?

  • 01. Share crisp and smart information on our social media handles
  • 02. Invite perspective and analytical pieces from our readers and their networks.
  • 03. Talk to professionals from different areas, and hold more experience-based and informative discussions.
  • 04. Sneak in your email inbox through 5-minute newsletters- bringing you everything from new hacks, trends, social and economic issues and tips from experts for your well-being.
  • 05. Provide research and content-related services to our clients- from startups to large-scale organisations.
  • 06. Workshop Series- to enhance skill sets with resource persons from different fields.


To create MEANINGFUL discussions

To engage with a PURPOSE

To bring an IMPACT

And to be AWARE

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