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Date & Time: July 1, 2022 4:00 pm
Price: ₹2999

Policies do not exist in isolation, we coexist with them. We influence them, impact them and hold the power for a change. In the

endeavour to support learning and upskilling in the sphere of Policy, PolicyFide is organising an Online Policy Bootcamp in July

2022, expanding on the evolving and interdisciplinary field of Public Policy in a holistic and well-rounded approach.

The PolicyFide Bootcamp will be an intensive and focused experience complemented by well-structured sessions creating a great

learning experience for the participants. The platform would provide the cohort members with an opportunity to engage, connect

and network with people from the policy and related spaces.

The Bootcamp would focus upon :


-Building a platform to facilitate interaction, networking and collaboration among the mentors and the participants.

-Bringing different people from the policy arena and related fields on one platform, to stimulate and create a learning experience.

-Providing information that would enhance practical skills and knowledge about the field that can be further put to use.

-Each week we would be expanding on specific domain knowledge of media, technology, and economy about policy.

-Enhancing the power of community, by building a cohort who share their interest in policy and plan to work in related fields.

-An overview of the public policy landscape, to enable the cohort members to make the right and guided choices for their careers.

The Bootcamp is for :


The Bootcamp is a perfect opportunity for a student who is curious about Public Policy/ planning to apply for a course related to

the field/ or seeking a job in the field. The program is also meant for working professionals who are in the field of Public Policy or

plan to shift their domains.

The Bootcamp is meant for every curious individual who intends to learn something new and expand their knowledge base.

Structure of the Bootcamp:


Total Number of Sessions: 7

Duration of each session: 1 hour 30 minutes





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